White Sound Performance

audio and video

Two Kinds Audio 3:35

Carnivocal: A Celebration of Sound Poetry.

CD Anthology, Red Deer Press. Alberta 1999.

Composed & Performed by Steven Ross Smith.

Acres Rare Meet (composed by bpNichol) Audio 7:01

Performed by Michael Dean, Paul Dutton, Steve McCaffery, David Penhale, Steven Smith & Richard Truhlar. (1982)

From Ear Rational: Sound Poems 1966-1980, (Audiocassette, Membrane Press New Fire Tapes, Milwaukee)

No Where Else Audio 10:05

Revolutions, A Compilation of Saskatchewan Sound Works.

Produced by Steve Heimbecker & Video Vérité, Saskatchewan, 2000.

Composed and performed by DUCT - David Grosse (double & fretless bass), Lia Pas (vocals, oboe, keyboard), Steven Ross Smith (vocals), Roy Sydiaha (percussion), Wilf Tucker (violin).

White Sound Video 4:35

This is an animated segment for the forthcoming film, "The Complete Works," based on the work of bpNichol. Performed by Steven, visual text by bpNichol, video by Justin Stephenson.

Laden Video 4:12

Part of a project by Canada's Poet Laureate, Fred Wah, to make Canadian poetry more accessible.

Emanations Video 4:13

Reading from Emanations:fluttertongue 6 at the 2015 BookThug Fall Launch.

Olives Video 1:41

Reading from Emanations: Fluttertongue 6, From BookThug

Historical and Original Sound Poems and Texts

Performed by Steven Ross Smith
Recorded in studio at the Centre for Creative Writing & Oral Culture
University of Manitoba
November 2016

Welcome Event Video 38:47

2016-09-28 Welecome Event Steven Ross Smith from CCWOC on Vimeo.

Bimorphic Number 2 for Alfred Jarry Video 2:34

Bimorphic Number 2 for Alfred Jarry from CCWOC on Vimeo.


Caravan (Karawane) Video 1:02

Caravan (Karawane) from CCWOC on Vimeo.

Cats & Peacocks Video 0:35

Cats & Peacocks from CCWOC on Vimeo.

Clouds Video 1:04

Clouds from CCWOC on Vimeo.

Death Chant Video 2:03

Death Chant from CCWOC on Vimeo.

From Chains by Derek Beaulieu Video 2:01

From Chains by Derek Beaulieu from CCWOC on Vimeo.

Gadji Berry Bimba Video 2:17

Gadji Berry Bimba from CCWOC on Vimeo.

Homage Video 2:47

Homage from CCWOC on Vimeo.

Incantation By Laughter Video 0:55

Incantation By Laughter from CCWOC on Vimeo.

Lurch Video 3:14

Lurch from CCWOC on Vimeo.

Offering Video 4:06

Offering from CCWOC on Vimeo.

Optophonetic Poem Video1:16

Optophonetic Poem from CCWOC on Vimeo.

Prismatic Video 5:00

Prismatic from CCWOC on Vimeo.

Repertoire Video 2:27

Repertoire from CCWOC on Vimeo.

Seahorses & Flying Fish Video 0:34

Seahorses & Flying Fish from CCWOC on Vimeo.

Staged Video 3:31

Staged from CCWOC on Vimeo.

Two Kinds Video 3:04

Two Kinds from CCWOC on Vimeo.

Zaum Poems Video 1:43

Zaum Poems from CCWOC on Vimeo.