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Cover Photo: Lures Lures (Mercury Press, 1997) Cover Photo: Ritual Murders Ritual Murders (Turnstone Press, 1983) Cover Photo: Celebrating Saskatchewan Artists Celebrating Saskatchewan Artists (Saskatchewan Arts Alliance, 2006) Cover Photo: Ballet of the Speech Organs Ballet of the Speech Organs: Bob Cobbing on Bob Cobbing, as interviewed by Steven Ross Smith (Underwhich Editions, Saskatoon, 1998)



Cover Photo: Fluttertongue Book 6 Emanations: Fluttertongue 6
(BookThug. 2015)
Cover Photo: Fluttertongue Book 5 Fluttertongue 5: everything appears to shine with mossy splendour
(Turnstone Press. 2011)
Cover Photo: Fluttertongue Book 4 Fluttertongue 4: adagio for the pressured surround,
(NeWest Press)

Short-listed, Saskatchewan Book Award for Poetry, 2007
Cover Photo: Fluttertongue Book 3 Fluttertongue Book 3: Disarray
(Turnstone Press)

Winner, Book of the Year Award, Saskatchewan Book Awards, 2005
Award Sponsored by The Co-Operators
Cover Photo: Pliny's Knickers Pliny’s Knickers
(with Hilary Clark & Betsy Rosenwald - Jack Pine Press, 2005)

Winner, bpNichol Chapbook Award, 2006. Given by the Phoenix Community Works Foundation,
Cover Photo: Fluttertongue Book 2 Fluttertongue Book 2: The Book of Emmett
(Hagios Press, 2000)
Cover Photo: Fluttertongue Book 1 Fluttertongue Book 1: The Book of Games
(Thistledown Press, 1998)
Cover Photo: Reading My Father's Book Reading My Father's Book
(Wolsak & Wynn, 1995)
Cover Photo: Transient Light Transient Light
(Mercury Press, 1990)
Cover Photo: Sleepwalkers Sleepwalkers
(with Richard Truhlar - Underwhich Editions, 1987)
Cover Photo: blind zome blind zone
(Aya/Mercury Press, 1985)
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recent publications:

Agora, in Rampike, V.24/#1, 2015, Windsor.

Olives, in Vallum, Fall 2015.

Tailwind i & Slip, in Contemporary Verse 2 Spring 2014. Winnipeg.

Rush in Freefall, Volume XXII Number 1. Calgary. Winter, 2011.

Basket With Crashing Birds and A Mirror of Temporary. In filling station #50. Calgary. Winter, 2011.

Goo or Folding & Two Upon the Dew in Dandelion 37.1. Calgary. Summer 2011

White Sound.  Reading/performance of bpNichol's White Sound for Justin Stephenson's video treatment. In Rattapallax 17. New York, Spring 2010.

Six excerpts from Everything Appears to Shine with Mossy Splendour: 'Cooking into Glass', 'For Sale the Painted Gun', 'A Form of Tuning', 'As Forgiveness, Get', 'Everything Heavy Falls', 'Crouching in the Umber'. In Grain 37-3, Spring 2010.

3 Palimpsests for Daphne Marlatt; Slip. In Rampike v.17 #2. Windsor. Fall 2008.

In(ter)ventions for Roy, i, ii. In West Coast Line 57, v.42, no. 1. Vancouver, Spring/Summer 2008.

Saxophone, in Xerography, Postcard Issue, (Fish Magic Press), Vancouver, Spring 2008.

MID; No Poems; When I Get Nervous; Some Heroes, In Rampike, V.16, #1, Winter, 2008

#36 from fluttertongue 3, disarray, in Literary Review of Canada, V.12., #7, Toronto, September 2004.

excerpt from fluttertongue 4: adagio for the pressured surround, in The Mitre 2004, Lennoxville, 2004.

#21, #86 from fluttertongue Book 3: disarray in Querty. Fredericton. Fall 2003.

#97, #103 from fluttertongue Book 3: disarray in Rampike, V.13, #1. Toronto. Winter, 2003.

#7 from fluttertongue Book 3, disarray in Tart eleven, Winnipeg, Fall 2002.

from fluttertongue Book 3 published in Contemporary Verse 2, v.23, #4, Winnipeg, Spring 2001.

for Thomas A. Clark (with jwcurry), in 1CENT #352 (Do You Read Your Garbage?) Ottawa. March, 2001.

#51, 93 from fluttertongue Book 3 published in dANDelion, Calgary, June 2000

#1, 6, 15, from fluttertongue Book 3, published in The Cafe Review, V. 11, Spring. Portland, ME, 2000.

# 22, 59, from fluttertongue Book 3, published in Rampike, V. 11, No.1, Toronto, May, 2000.

# 22., 36., 48., 50., published on the East Village Poetry Web: Volume 4, The Poetries of Canada. 1998.

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dis(re)covery: Emanation & In(ter)vention Quartet Roy Miki, Fluttering Pages Press, 2014.

fluttertongue. Chapbook. Pachyderm Press. Winnipeg. 1993.

Some Short Novels for People on the Go. The Berkeley Horse 36. Vancouver 1992.

Between: Sequence 1. with jwcurry. Runaway Spoon Press. Port Charlotte, Florida. 1989. 26 pgs.

What Between Lines. with jwcurry. Gesture Press. Toronto.1984. 10 pgs.

Found Calendar. Utopic Furnace Press. Toronto. 1983. 1 pg.

3D -3E. With jwcurry. Curv'd H&Z #134. Toronto. 1982. 2 pgs.

Between (Sequence 3). With jwcurry. Phenomenon Press & Curv'd H&Z (#147). Toronto. 1982. 10 pgs.

W. Curv'd H&Z #110. Toronto. 1981. 5 pgs.

Postcard from London. grOnk Issue #18. Toronto. 1981. 10 pgs.

A Game To Be Played. Writers Forum. London England. 1981. 14 pgs.

Three Naturals. Underwhich Editions. Toronto. 1980. Boxed. 48 pgs.

Intervals & Elevations. Phenomenon Press. Toronto. 1978. 19 pgs.

Crowns Creek. With Steve McCaffery. Anonbeyond Press. Toronto/Vancouver. 1978. 8 pgs.

White Cycle. Phenomenon Press. Toronto. 1978. 26 pgs. Illustrated.

Meaford Tank Range. With Owen Sound. Wild Press. Toronto. 1977. 28 Pgs. with Record.

Edge. with Steve McCaffery. Anonbeyond Press. Toronto. 1977. 19 Pgs.

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Wearing My Father, Susan Andrews Grace, Underwhich Editions, 1990.

Open Letter. Sixth Series, Nos. 5-6, Read the Way He Writes: A Festschrift for bpNichol, 1986

Capilano Review, #31, 1984. (Co-editor with Richard Truhlar)