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Emanations: Fluttertongue 6  (BookThug, 2015) $18.

Fluttertongue: 5, everything appears to shine with mossy splendour  (Turnstone Press, Winnipeg. 2011. Poetry) $14

Fluttertongue: Book 4, adagio for the pressured surround  (NeWest Press, 2007. Poetry) (cover art "Making a Connection" by Jane Murray) $14 CDN and $12.95 US

Fluttertongue: Book 3, Disarray  (Turnstone Press, May 2005. Poetry) $14

Fluttertongue: Book 2, The Book of Emmett  (Hagios Press, Fall 1999. Poetry) $14

Fluttertongue: Book 1, the book of games (Thistledown Press, Fall 1998. Poetry) $14

Pliny’s Knickers  (JackPine Press, June 2005. Poetry) $35

Celebrating Saskatchewan Artists (Saskatchewan Arts Alliance, May 2006. Non-fiction essays on Saskatchewan Artists) $15

Lures  (The Mercury Press, 1997. Fiction) $10

Reading My Father's Book  (Wolsak & Wynn Publishers, 1995. Poetry) $10

Transient Light  (The Mercury Press, 1990. Poetry) $12

blind zone (Aya Press, 1985. Poetry) $7

Ritual Murders  (Turnstone Press, 1983. Fiction) $7

special editions, booklets, chap books, pamphlets, etc.

Found Calendar. Utopic Furnace Press. Toronto. 1983. 1 pg. $3

Meaford Tank Range. With Owen Sound. Wild Press. Toronto. 1977. 28 Pgs. with Record. Not available.


Revolutions, A Compilation of Saskatchewan Sound Works, produced by Steve Heimbecker & Video Vérité, Saskatchewan, 2000. Not available.

Carnivocal: A Celebration of Sound Poetry (CD Anthology). Red Deer Press. Alberta 1999. $20

galvanized. With the DUCT Ensemble. CD, Underwhich Audiographics. Saskatchewan. 1999. Not available.

DUCT TAPE. With the DUCT Ensemble. Audiocassette, Underwhich Audiographics. Saskatchewan. 1993. Not available.


Ballet of the Speech Organs: Bob Cobbing on Bob Cobbing, as interviewed by Steven Ross Smith. Underwhich Editions. Saskatoon. 1998. $15

Canadian Sound Poetry. Capilano Review, #31. 1984. Co-Editor. Vancouver. 84 pgs. + record. $15; without record $10


Writing Addiction: Towards A Poetics of Desire and its Others, eds. Szabados & Probert. (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 2004) Not available.