Photo of Steven

photo by Dave Giesbrecht


Homo Sonorus: An International Anthology of Sound Poetry. Book & CD, published by the National Centre for Contemporary Art, Kaliningrad, Russia. 2001.

Revolutions, A Compilation of Saskatchewan Sound Works. Produced by Steve Heimbecker & Video Vérité, Saskatchewan, 2000.

Carnivocal: A Celebration of Sound Poetry. CD Anthology, Red Deer Press. Alberta 1999.

galvanized(with the DUCT Ensemble). CD, Underwhich Audiographics. Saskatchewan. 1999.

DUCT TAPE (with the DUCT Ensemble). Audiocassette, Underwhich Audiographics. Saskatchewan. 1993.

Sleepwalkers (with Richard Truhlar). Underwhich Editions. Toronto. 1987.

Factory on Bridging Language. Cassette accompanying Musicworks 38, Toronto. 1987.

Future Hygienic for Tristan Tzara (with Owen Sound) on Slowscan Vol.5. Holland. 1987.

Sign Language(with Owen Sound). Underwhich Editions. Toronto. 1985.

Scarborough Bluffs. As guest performer with the Scarborough Sound Symphony. Underwhich Editions. Toronto. 1985.

Moving Human Coils. As guest performer with Tekst. Underwhich Editions. Toronto. 1984.

Transonances. As performer in compositions by Susan Frykberg, electronic composer. Underwhich Editions. Toronto. 1983.

Various Throats Vol.1 (with Bob Cobbing, Keith Musgrove). Underwhich Editions. Toronto 1982.

Beyond The Range (with Owen Sound). Underwhich Editions. Toronto. 1980.